April 2017
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School Fees

The children are due to finish at school next week and go back to their villages for the month of August. The staff and workers are all working hard at the school to build the school and give the children a good education. Their efforts are being hampered by the fact  that many of the 15 parents who are […]

Sponsored Children

We are still held back from advertising the school because the minister for Education has not returned to Dar es Salaam and there does not appear to be anyone who can deal with paperwork in his absence.  So we decided to try and find sponsors for a few more children to help with the running costs of the school . […]

End of Another School Year

For some of the sponsored children this is the end of their second year at the NMSE school. The difference in the children from when we first met them three years ago is enormous. Not only are they so much stronger and more  self confident, it is clear that they have learned a great deal and their grasp […]

Tanzania 2012 Trip

The clock is ticking and there is now less than two weeks before Alice and Louise set off for Tanzania. The third member of the party this year will be Valerie who is a hat maker and teacher of English as a foreign language. They are meeting up at the airport in Dar es Salaam […]

Easter Break

The children are back in their villages for the Easter break and the headmaster Baraka plans to complete the wiring for electricity in the office and the classrooms  over the next week or so before the children return.  I addition the kitchen shown below has been upgraded with a new iron roof and the administration block […]

New year Approaches

At the end of November Baraka held an open day at the school and invited the families of the sponsored children. Food was prepared for the visitors, many of whom had to travel a considerable distance from remote villages, to reach Namanditi. The day was a great success and visitors were delighted to see the children looking so happy and […]

June: School Holiday

The sponsored children have a school holiday for the month of June and have been taken back to their villages. They will be collected again on Friday 1st of July ready to start the second term. Alice and Louise will both be at the school and plan to spend time getting to know each one of the children, […]

Early Days

The sponsored children have had their first taste of school. When they arrived many of the children were wearing rags so while we are waiting for their uniforms to be made, we shall buy them some clothes. A number of the children have had to be treated for an itchy skin rash, which may be a sign that they […]

First Day at School March 2011

The Ntimbanjayo Memorial School of Excellence is now open for the sponsored children. Most of the children arrived on Friday and the rest will be collected from their villages over the weekend. Initially Malaika Millinga Ndakidemi will be the main teacher in the classroom. The sponsored children must be very excited at seeing the school for the […]

The Eagle Has Landed – January 2011

The container we sent off four months ago has finally arrived at the school site. After several false starts  and two extra weeks waiting on the quay at Dar es Salaam the container was passed through customs and made its way by road to Namanditi. There were taxes due largely because of the delay in setting up the NGO […]