January 2010
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We Have a Winner!

This is a suprisingly youthful looking Santa Claus, in his grotto, picking the winning ticket for the Namanditi Raffle.  We sold 77 tickets and the winning number was 62. The winner has been informed by email and will receive the painting ‘Marrakesh Niche’ by Christine Woodside in the next day or so. The raffle has raised £770 […]

The Vessel has sailed

After a somewhat prolonged delay at the quayside waiting for the toxic gas used fumigate the contents  of the container to disperse,  the vessel with our container on board is now on the high seas. We have had to pay an extra charge to cover the costs of the extra time sitting on the quay but at least it is […]

Issue 05 Oct 2011

Newsletter –  Issue No.05 – October 2010 Download: PDF version Word version  

The Eagle has Flown: Friday 10th September

Yesterday was a big day for us and for the school project.  The container was due to arrive at 9.00 pm on Friday and the team of packers were allocated three hours to get everything we had collected over the last year or so from a range of group and individual donors aboard. Recently Louise had tried to visualise how much […]

Back home

  We are all back home now after out recent trip to Tanzania. Gillian and Wendy returned first as they were going to a friend’s wedding back in Scotland.  Gillian in particular worked very hard while she was in Peramiho and has given the team a lot of accountancy and business advice. While they were in Peramiho they […]

Issue 04 Aug 2010

Newsletter –  Issue No.04 – August 2010 Download: PDF version Word version  

We are here in Songea at last!

Our journey thus far has been epic. Fears that Wendy and Gillian had been kidnapped/robbed/abducted by aliens consumed our thoughts on the first night. An agonising fifteen hours later they turned up safe and sound just as we were about to alert the British Embassy. The source of the confusion was a simple hotel booking error […]

Only a Few days before we leave

So much is going on just now it has been difficult to get organised for the trip to Tanzania but I have finished work at college for the moment and now have three free days to get sorted. Alice unfortunately is moving house again and she will be extremely busy all weekend trying to get settled in before we […]

Update on the Container

Over the last three weeks Alice, Gill and I have been meeting at the farm where the donated school furniture and books etc. have been stored . Our first task was to clean the 120 chairs and tables which had been collecting dust . To do this we had to bring them all down from the […]

April 2010 Return to Tanzania this Summer

Alice and I have bought plane tickets for our  flights to Tanzania in July and we will stay for three weeks this time. We are travelling with Alice’s daughter Cheryl and friend Lorna. The internal flights from Dar to Songea were already full, so we will have to bus it there and back. It will take […]