September 2020
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Easter Break

The children are back in their villages for the Easter break and the headmaster Baraka plans to complete the wiring for electricity in the office and the classrooms  over the next week or so before the children return.  I addition the kitchen shown below has been upgraded with a new iron roof and the administration block has had windows and doors fitted .

The children have new uniforms and they are shown proudly wearing green t-shirts with the school logo on the front and the motto quality and efficiency on the back shortly before going back to their villages for Easter. This recent photograph shows the grade one students with their teacher Mr Julius in the classroom. There have been a few changes to the school role as several children have moved away from the area. However new children have taken up the free places so we have 29 sponsored children and are looking for one more sponsor to reach the target of 30. We are learning from experience that there is quite a lot of mobility within families in the area with children being sent to live with Aunts or Grandmothers in other regions of the country. So far we have had five children move away since we began the sponsorship over a year ago. While it is sad that these original children have lost their sponsorship places at least they had a year or more learning English at Namanditi school and during that time and grew stronger from the good food and the health care.

 Alice and Louise are looking forward to seeing the children in July and it seems from the photos that they have all grown taller and stronger since last year.  A new volunteer Valerie is going to teach the children and as she is trained as a teacher of English as a foreign language she will also hold seminars for the teachers. We have plans to set up various small business ventures attached to the school and these will initially be placed at the hostel. It is going to take some time to prepare groups from Namanditi to run these but we will make a start while we are there and Baraka will help to support them after we have gone. We are ready to teach soap making as one of the businesses but this needs to be backed by an understanding of  basic business skills, production and marketing. Valerie’s experience of running her own hat making business will also be helpful here and we have received a lot of very good advice from a peace core worker who has set up similar small concerns in another village in the region. We intend to contact the local community development officer and also to speak to a group of women who are already making soap in Mhepai village and ask for their help  with this venture. The soap making will also benefit the children who often suffer from skin complaints as the soap we are planning to make has cleansing and moisturisinf properties which will make it much kinder than the the soap available at the moment.


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