July 2020
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School Fees

Foundations for the new dormitories

The children are due to finish at school next week and go back to their villages for the month of August. The staff and workers are all working hard at the school to build the school and give the children a good education. Their efforts are being hampered by the fact  that many of the 15 parents who are paying fees for their children are behind with their payments. This puts a strain on finances because salaries still have to be paid and the children still need to be fed. This is a problem which will have to be sorted before the school expands when the problem is likely to put the school in serious difficulty. We have suggested that fees are collected in advance for a whole term in future instead of monthly and the children will only admitted for the new term once these funds have been received. Any arrears the arrears will also have to be paid in full. We have suggested that when the children are collected next week letters are handed out explaining that fees must be in the school bank account by the 26th August if they want their children to return to school for the third term on the 30th August.

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