December 2023
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Update on Secondary School April 2019


The first two classrooms above are almost finished and have been fitted with aluminium sliding windows and electricity has been installed. The Form One children are currently registered at the nearby Secondary School where they are taught by our teachers. Once these first two classrooms are complete along with a science laboratory we can begin the registration process for our school. There will be a further two classrooms needed so the children can complete four years of Secondary and sit their leaving certificate exams.


The current funding applications and fundraising events this year are to complete the laboratory building the shell of which is currently at gable height and we also need to equip the laboratory and install water and gas. Our project manager is trying to find a firm who can do this work locally but it seems no-one can – so he is looking for a firm in Dar es Salaam who does this kind of work.

Meantime we are taking part in the Dundee Kilt walk and are looking for individuals to walk with us or to sponsor one of our team members. We have people walking each of the different length of walk and the link below should take you to the page for the Tartan Twiga team who are doing the big Stroll if you would like to sponsor. We also benefit from the generosity of the Tom Hunter Foundation which adds 40% to all donations.

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