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April 2010 Return to Tanzania this Summer

Alice and I have bought plane tickets for our  flights to Tanzania in July and we will stay for three weeks this time. We are travelling with Alice’s daughter Cheryl and friend Lorna. The internal flights from Dar to Songea were already full, so we will have to bus it there and back. It will take about 14 hours which seems a lot but apparently when Ralph and Noreen were in Tanzania in the sixties it took four days to do that journey. Thank goodness the road is much better these days and the buses better maintained, so  as long as we can sleep when we get to Peramiho – we will be fine.

Already we are thinking about getting any injections that might be required and I will make an appointment with the nurse next month to get the same anti malaria tablets I had last year, since they worked really well.

We have sent some money over from the funds raised at the auction and the Magima tile factory has completed a large part of the order for roof tiles needed to finish the first stage of the second classroom block’s roof. As soon as the rains stop it will be possible to complete that work and hopefully the school will be able to open to its first intake of children. We are all looking forward to the trip and hope to collect more data about children who need sponsors in the UK to help them through school.

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