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A New Year and New Students

We start the New Year with 11 new pupils, seven of whom are boarders. While this is a good start, we are still some way short of the required 20 students needed before the income from the students allows the school to run without extra support from RUDA. Ideally we want the school to reach the stage where it covers its own running costs  and then we can concentrate on progressing the school construction and the purchase of educational equipment.

RUDA have decided to try and bring in another 3 or 4 children if we can find new sponsors and we have collected photographs information about Maria, Alan and Patrick three children who are either orphans or from single parent families. For more information about sponsoring please go to the sponsor tab an the home page.

The registration is still incomplete, we were promised back in July that all  documents could be signed before Christmas  but the reality is very different. It does not cause any problem with running the school with the present students but does stop the headmaster from advertising more widely.

The good news is that we have managed to gather enough funds to restart building work and if all goes well then we will have the new classrooms finished and furnished for the start of term 2. We are also planning to seal the new double well.

At the moment there is a mixed grade class but as soon as the new classrooms are finished the classes will have their own rooms. There will also be an extra classroom which would allow the school to grow by another 30 students at the start of the school year, next January 2014.

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