June 2024
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Looking Back over the Last Week

The final week was hectic with Louise and Alice trying to do everything on their list before returning  to Dar es Salaam. Valerie is staying for a further week so has a while longer to achieve her goals with the hat making and to continue her excellent work with the children and the workers at […]

No Electricity

We have had five days this week without electricity which has made keeping the blog going very difficult. We have been busy at the school most days and Louise has read the sponsors’ letters to the children. The children were all very excited to hear about their sponsors and were fascinated to see photos of […]

Friday to Saturday

Louise is back in Songea in order to send an email to ask for funds for Nacoda, blog,  and perhaps to buy some more material to make into trousers. The price of material is much dearer than last year but it just means we will have to ask for a bit more for the finished […]


Alice, Louise, Malaika and Conrada all travelled together this morning to meet up again with Mr Mbunda, the education officer and to show him the minutes of the Nacoda  meeting we held yesterday and to check the letters we needed before we send them to Dar. He made several changes and Conrada and Louise are […]

Nacoda Meeting

Spent much of yesterday at a long meeting in the Serengeti restaurant in Songea trying to sort out the remaining issues to do with registering the school. Prior to the meeting Louise, Alice and half the Nacoda members met up with the education officer and he advised on the best way forward. Unfortunately in order […]

Safe Arrival in Songea

The bus down from Dar through the National Park was as long and hot as usual around 15 hours altogether. The bonus was that this visit they saw large herds of giraffe very close to the rod , herds of antelope and zebra. There were also water buffalo and the usual baboons. In the few […]

Hot and Steamy in Dar es Salaam

Valerie, Alice and Louise are now settled into the Safari Inn after a not uneventful journey. The first blip was at Edinburgh airport where they were congratulating themselves on getting the extra bag of footballs and t-shirts for the kids  through, only to find that the beast of a suitcase Louise had brought was 2 […]

Last Few Days

After another morning of meetings Louise took the dala dala to  Namanditi to visit the children at the hostel. Today is Saturday and the children were playing a game which involved throwing pooh bear around and wrestling each other to get hold of the bear. Like children everywhere they were noisy and pushing and pulling […]

Calling from Dar es Salaam

Alice and Louise arrived safely the night before last. The flights were all fine but there was a huge delay at Charles de Gaulle airport where they were driven around for 30 minutes on a grand tour of the reconstruction work only to find themselves deposited at another terminal to wait for another bus to […]

We are here in Songea at last!

Our journey thus far has been epic. Fears that Wendy and Gillian had been kidnapped/robbed/abducted by aliens consumed our thoughts on the first night. An agonising fifteen hours later they turned up safe and sound just as we were about to alert the British Embassy. The source of the confusion was a simple hotel booking error […]