July 2024
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Last Few Days

After another morning of meetings Louise took the dala dala to  Namanditi to visit the children at the hostel. Today is Saturday and the children were playing a game which involved throwing pooh bear around and wrestling each other to get hold of the bear. Like children everywhere they were noisy and pushing and pulling each other about. Some of the girls were just as rough as the boys as Louise found out when she joined the game. Margaret has a very good throwing action and Edina takes no prisoners. Vintan was trying to play his own game and got trampled in the crush. It was all good fun and the kids were all keen to impress with their throwing and catching skills. Even the quieter children like Annette, Sophia  and Aloisia seemed to enjoy the chaos.

 Later, while Louise was catching her breath and having a break from the running around, the children watched a DVD on one of the TV’s sent over in the container. The kids can be wild but they are also well behaved and sit quietly when watching telly or having their meals. Even the youngest Fidea who only started this week is playing happily with the others and the bigger girls like  Safina, Sophia and Hosanna look after her and make sure she is safe when the play gets rough. Before it gets too cold as the evening approaches the children wash with the older children helping the smaller ones.

Alice was back in Peramiho dealing with issues to do with Magima and our previous involvment in various projects including the Solifo School. In the afternoon Alice will visit Magima and see how they are progressing with the tiles for the dormitory which is the next building we are about to start. She will also visit Nasibu and find out how he is doing at the school in Magima.

Tomorrow we are due to have a long meeting where we will discuss the next phase of school building, the setting up of a school committee, staffing the school now and in January when the new intake arrives as well as Magima and any other issues that arise.

On Wednesday we travel by bus to Chalinze where Ngoza lives and this will break our journey to Dar es Salaam. We are running out of time and must work flat out to sort any remaining problems so that the school project can progress as smoothly as possible. We have bought a wireless phone to provide internet at the school and hostel and this has allowed Louise to write this post today. In future it will let us use Skype and so our calls to Baraka and Malaika will be free that in itself is a great step forward in that communication between Scotland and the School will be much improved.

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