April 2024
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Sponsored Children

We are still held back from advertising the school because the minister for Education has not returned to Dar es Salaam and there does not appear to be anyone who can deal with paperwork in his absence.  So we decided to try and find sponsors for a few more children to help with the running costs of the school . Our initial target was for 60 children in total which number marks the point at which the fees raised mean that the school budgeting breaks even. We are still some what bemused that a government department can be allowed to grind to a halt and no progress can be made because the minister in charge is attending parliament.

Meantime the three children we had on our waiting list, Anna, Alan and Maria have all been found sponsors in the last month and as we have a fourth sponsor signed up the headmaster will be able to bring four new children to the school. This will bring the school role up to 50 so we are not so far from our target now.

Since writing this a fifth sponsor has come forward so we now have 51 children at school we are getting ever closer to our target.

The foundations for the dormitory have been dug and we are making good progress with this next part of the building work.

Meantime we have bought new mattresses for the children’s beds and 6 solar lamps.


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