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April Newsletter

EditedNewsletter19April22014We have achieved a lot in the last few months including the final stages of the water system but have unfortunately run out of funds to fully complete the new double dormitory. This must be very frustrating for out project manager Ntimba but we will have to stop building work soon until we can find a new source of funding or raise some money ourselves. The damage caused by the recent flooding has made the difference and meant that we ran out of funds and are £1500 short of the amount needed for completion of the building work and won’t be able to pay the additional cost of having it  painted.

We are looking to see if we qualify for any grants but are aware that we are competing with experts in writing propsals and we shall probably have to make many applications before we have any success. This year looks like it will be about raising whatever small amounts we can to try and finish and maintain what we have already built.

Our aim was always to have 100 students at the school this year and with our sponsored children now up to 40  and 40 paying students, we will have exactly 80 students with the possibility of bringing in a further 20 as soon as the dormitory is finished

Quiz Night Fundaiser

Gillian Piggot of One Solution is organising a fundraiser Quiz Night at St Rochs Chapel Hall, Glasgow. It is on Saturday 8th February and begins at 7.30 pm. Tickets cost £5 and you bring your own bottle. The money raised will buy sports equipment for the children. At the moment games are often abandoned because the ball has burst so it would be good to get them some good quality footballs and netballs. There will be a dj and a raffle so a fun night out and a chance to make a difference to the kids of Namanditi.

RUDA Charity Art Auction


In support of Ruvuma Development Aid (RUDA)
Scottish charity number: SCO 33311

Friday 6th December 2013
The Crush Hall, Pathfoot Building

Doors open at 5.00pm. Auction starts at 7.00pm

RSVP: externalaffairs@stir.ac.uk

Viewing: Monday 25th November – Thursday 5th December
Online: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rudatanzania

August Newsletter 2013

We have made good progress with the dormitory building this month but will not have sufficient funds to continue beyond September. We have plans for another Art Auction at Stirling University on the 6th of December which will hopefully bring a much needed injection of funds before the end of the year. The organisation of this event will begin in September but will be full on after our return from Tanzania. This trip we are bringing extra cases filled with childrens’ books and will also collect some books in Dar es Salaam from Read International for the school library. We will find a temporary home for the books on shelves in the admin block or the classrooms until such time as we can build a purpose built library on  site.

We are also delighted to have found  sponsors for two new children, both boys, who will start at school tomorrow.

School Fees

Foundations for the new dormitories

The children are due to finish at school next week and go back to their villages for the month of August. The staff and workers are all working hard at the school to build the school and give the children a good education. Their efforts are being hampered by the fact  that many of the 15 parents who are paying fees for their children are behind with their payments. This puts a strain on finances because salaries still have to be paid and the children still need to be fed. This is a problem which will have to be sorted before the school expands when the problem is likely to put the school in serious difficulty. We have suggested that fees are collected in advance for a whole term in future instead of monthly and the children will only admitted for the new term once these funds have been received. Any arrears the arrears will also have to be paid in full. We have suggested that when the children are collected next week letters are handed out explaining that fees must be in the school bank account by the 26th August if they want their children to return to school for the third term on the 30th August.

Aberdour Festival Sunday 28th July

Looking for something to do a week on Sunday? The Aberdour  Village  Market is taking place inside and outside the AVD Festival Marquee, Hawkcraig Road, Aberdour KY3 0UP and is next to the Primary School.  The market opens at 11 am and runs until 4pm. RUDA has a stall and we will be selling cool summer trousers, hats and bags made by a group of women in Namanditi with Tanzania material as well as a range of craft objects including toys and ceramics made by our friends and supporters. This is the first time RUDA has participated and we hope to raise funds to send books for the school library. The festival this year is bigger than ever before with 28 indoor stalls, 14 outdoor stalls, and 8 different catering options. It promises to be a great day out if this wonderful weather holds.  You can have a look at the complete list of stalls at: www.aberdourfestival.org.uk.

Sponsored Children

We are still held back from advertising the school because the minister for Education has not returned to Dar es Salaam and there does not appear to be anyone who can deal with paperwork in his absence.  So we decided to try and find sponsors for a few more children to help with the running costs of the school . Our initial target was for 60 children in total which number marks the point at which the fees raised mean that the school budgeting breaks even. We are still some what bemused that a government department can be allowed to grind to a halt and no progress can be made because the minister in charge is attending parliament.

Meantime the three children we had on our waiting list, Anna, Alan and Maria have all been found sponsors in the last month and as we have a fourth sponsor signed up the headmaster will be able to bring four new children to the school. This will bring the school role up to 50 so we are not so far from our target now.

Since writing this a fifth sponsor has come forward so we now have 51 children at school we are getting ever closer to our target.

The foundations for the dormitory have been dug and we are making good progress with this next part of the building work.

Meantime we have bought new mattresses for the children’s beds and 6 solar lamps.


Cycling Fundraiser

George Young of St Andrews Pottery set off on Tuesday 14th May with the intention of  cycling from the South to the North Hebrides. He is raising funds for the building of a dormitory for the NMSE and will travel 144 miles in total. George is not an experienced cyclist and will find this a challenge. If you would like to make the inevitable saddle soreness worthwhile please support him by donating on: www.everyclick.com/ruda  Your contributions will help to ease the pain in his nether region and put some fire into his pedalling.


Issue 15 2013


Art Auction Friday 19th April