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Visit July 2014

The July visit to the school was a great success and the school library was properly catalogued using the Dewey system and organised with new shelves and storage. The children can now borrow from over 1000 books collected and donated from various sources. NMSE must be one of the few primary schools with its own library. One of the newer teacher’s at the school, Mr Gama is a band leader and choir master so the children are learning many songs in Swahili and English. Mr Gama had spotted a drum set with recoders in Songea, so we were able to purchase the set for the school and the children clearly enjoyed learning how to play them and marching round the school.

The volunteers from One Solution built a fabulous adventure playground for the children and set out playing field dfor football, netball and basket ball. They also bought a supply of sports equipment as footballs wear out quickly on the rough playing fields.

The new dormitory was nearing completion while we were there and when she returned to Scotland one of the volunteers set about raising enough money to complete the job. The school now has six classrooms and a large spacious double dormitory. We are working on plan to establish a computer hub which will be open to the community and are waiting for the final stage of bringing electribity to the school. Everything is in place but we are waiting for a transformer and then we will have electricity at least when there is any.

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