July 2020
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After the Auction

The Art Auction was a great success and a fabulous evening. The offices of One Solution in Blytheswood Square were transformed by light, flames and of course wonderful art on the walls. There was a jazz band, free champagne, cocktails and canape in the green room which was in fact purple and red. The serious buyers collected in the auction space and our master of ceremonies was the auctioneer, Alistair Logan. Ali’s banter and showmanship kept the event moving at a fast pace and by 9.30, only 24 items were unsold out of 108.

Several of these art works have since been sold to people who were unable to come to the event. As a result we have only 17 pieces left which did not reach the reserve price on the night. It is our intention to put images of these art works on this site and allow people to contact us if they are interested in buying them. There are some really beautiful works left and I promise to make the images available soon. We will know by the end of this week how much we have raised. Meanwhile here is a beautiful┬ápainting, ‘Marrakesh Niche’ (38 x 36cms) by Christine Woodside which is still unsold.

Marrakesh Niche by Christine Woodside 38x36 cms

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    Hi Ralf and Noreen

    Been reading about the project and would like to thank both of you the support that was given to the people of gibshill greenock .;hope all the best

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