February 2024
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No Electricity

We have had five days this week without electricity which has made keeping the blog going very difficult. We have been busy at the school most days and Louise has read the sponsors’ letters to the children. The children were all very excited to hear about their sponsors and were fascinated to see photos of the folk who were helping them to go to the school at Namanditi.

After our experience of the difficulties involved in transporting sick kids by dala dala  from the school to the Mission hospital at Peramiho we decided to create a clinic at the school. We have appointed a new matron with nursing experience and she has started work immediately. We have asked her to advise us on what we need to do to help prevent the children from getting Malaria in the first place and what medicines we need to have to treat all the most common illnesses. She has already made some excellent suggestions and Baraka has made a start on converting one of the rooms in the admin block into a clinic. The matron will oversee all aspects of the children’s health and has suggested that each child should have their own comb with their name on it to stop ringworm spreading.

When we return to Scotland we will hold a fundraiser to raise funds specifically to equip the clinic. Once this clinic is there children will b able to be treated by the matron and not have the discomfort of being taking on foot to the bus and then squashed into the dala dala for the 30 minute ride to Peramiho. It was also clear that some of the children did not respond to the medicine given out at the hospital and so had to be taken back again a day later for further treatment. There are newer more effective medicines available from the pharmacy but not from the hospital. The matron will sleep in the clinic overnight with the sick children so they are separated from the rest of the children until they feel better. She will also check on the children overnight and in the morning to look for the early signs of Malaria and get it treated promptly.

Louise. Valerie and Alice spent a morning clearing out the store room in the admin block and sorting the remaining boxes  from the container load. They uncovered all sorts of treasures ; books, pencils, jotters and toys which they gave to the children. One of the boxes had a strange smell and when Louise investigated further a large black rat leapt out and scuttled off into the next room under some wood, Louise shrieked loudly and jumped two feet in the air much to the amusement of the others. Rat is often eaten here so Louise hopes someone will catch it soon before it returns to make another nest in the now tidy store. Ntimba has since informed Louise that this is not the right kind of rat to eat – the eating kind are the size of rabbits and you find them in the forest – the one that gave Louise such a fright was not the sort you eat.

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