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Safe Arrival in Songea

The bus down from Dar through the National Park was as long and hot as usual around 15 hours altogether. The bonus was that this visit they saw large herds of giraffe very close to the rod , herds of antelope and zebra. There were also water buffalo and the usual baboons.

In the few days here in Namanditi it has been possible to spend some time each day with the children at school. They are all looking well and their English is now so good they can interact very well. Valerie is teaching them new songs which they pick up very quickly and we have some video footage of them wearing their new t-shirts and bags made at cost by Alice’s daughter Louise.

The first batch of soap has been made and on Wednesday we will turn the soap out of the moulds

3 comments to Safe Arrival in Songea

  • Sharon

    Sounds great fun and adventure, wish you all more and safe journey’s, fingers crossed your soap turns out as good as here. Great to hear the developments of the children too, must be lovely to see. Be safe and Hi to Alice……x

  • Pamela

    Oh Louise!! Remember our conversation about the “white powder”? At least they let you proceed…will keep checking the site for further updates. Hope all continues to go well and you got some time on the beach. Looking forward to photos of the kids as couldn’t view the video footage. Have fun!

  • ruda

    Cheers we are making lots of progress in quite a short time. Alice is just back from a death defying motor bike ride= she says hi

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