February 2024
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Hot and Steamy in Dar es Salaam

Valerie, Alice and Louise are now settled into the Safari Inn after a not uneventful journey. The first blip was at Edinburgh airport where they were congratulating themselves on getting the extra bag of footballs and t-shirts for the kids  through, only to find that the beast of a suitcase Louise had brought was 2 kilos overweight and would cost fifty quid in excess charges. So they opened the case and redistributed some of the soap making equipment into their rucksacks. The case was then accepted and they headed to the departure lounge with their now back breaking rucksacks.

The next excitement was going through customs in Schipol where the set of kitchen scales, kilo of white powder and polythene bags aroused some interest. However they explained what the interesting powder was i.e. titanium dioxide used to colour soap and after making them wait for some time the summoned the supervisor who after sniffing the powder and prodding everything else in their rucksacks she believed it was for soap and let them through. After an hour’s delay at Nairobi they finally got their visas and went to meet up with Valerie and collect their luggage. Unfortunately Alice was missing a bag, the footballs were there but all her clothes etc were in the lost bag. Alice reported the loss and it looks as if it has been found  and will possibly deliver it to the Safari Inn.

They have bought the bus tickets for Songea  so in all other respects are doing well. The plan is to spend some of tomorrow finding the Tahery Supplies to get coconut oil and Lavender oil for the soap project and with a bit of luck they might spend an hour or two at the beach. Thursday morning is an early start as they  have to be at the bus station for 5.30 am

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