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The Auction on Friday 27th November

After a really busy few weeks I have at last found time to post an update on the auction in Glasgow. The donated art work was all collected in the weeks leading up to the 6th of November and then a small team gathered at One Solution in Glasgow and hung the show. We had Norrie Kirkham to keep us right and are really pleased with the way the show looks.

Most of the work can now be viewed on the website for One Solution and although I don’t think many have tried, it is possible to bid by e-mail. Everything is more or less in place now but there are still a couple of paintings to be hung on Friday. Ken Anderson has been very supportive  and is  going to amazing lengths to turn the event into something very special with canape, wine and a jazz band playing. We hope to have around 150 people turning up and  at the last coun107 items for sale.

 If we get a good response from the buyers then it will be a memorable night and could secure the future of the school project. To view the art works for sale click on the link below:


I would also like to say thank you to Wilma Johnston, her daughters Emily and Alma   and their friend Susie whose race night at the weekend raised £3000  towards sending a container of school equipment by sea to Dar es Salaam and then by road to Namanditi. This amount alongside the £500 previously raised by Jamie Drew ensures that we can send the equipment out before  the end of the year.

2 comments to The Auction on Friday 27th November

  • netta

    WOW! Well done Wlma et al.

    Did you win anything Alice?

    I am about to look at the Auction items and am looking forward to it! LOL N

  • Miss Smith

    Hi, where will I find the photographs from last Friday’s art auction. I was given a piece of paper with a link, but nothing is showing. Many thanks.

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