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Art Auction in November

Over the next six weeks Alice and Louise will be contacting all their artist friends and asking them to donate an art work to the RUDA charity Auction. The work then will be photographed and images put on the website for One Solution in Glasgow.  The painting, prints and ceramics will on display in the offices of One Solution at 1, Blytheswood Square in Glasgow. Buyers will be able to bid for work by phone or email from the 13th to the 26th November. On the evening of the 27th of November the auction will take place and buyers will have to outbid any recorded bids from the previous fortnight. It is hope that the sale of art will allow us to complete the first phase of building at Namanditi and allow the school to open to its first pupils early next year.

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  • Robert Osborne

    I worked and helped Ralf Ibbott and his wife noreen in the early 1970 in the gibshill area of greenock loss touch withralf would love to find out how life has been to him and noreen > I have notice he was the secetary of you r charity

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