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June: School Holiday

The sponsored children have a school holiday for the month of June and have been taken back to their villages. They will be collected again on Friday 1st of July ready to start the second term. Alice and Louise will both be at the school and plan to spend time getting to know each one of the children, playing games, making art and teaching them English. We are looking forward to taking fresh photos of the children in their new school uniforms which thanks to One Solution we can decorate with a lovely embroidered school badge.

Meanwhile Baraka has sent this photo of him working in his new office space at the school. It looks a nice airy space and you can see the glass that has now been fitted to all the windows at the school and the new modern office chairs . This is a good place to interview parents who would like to send their children to the school.

We had a meeting with Ralph and Noreen on Saturday and have a list of things to try and acheive while we are in Tanzania.  There are only two days before we leave to do the last minute stuff and then we have the 18 hours travel to look forward to. This year we are going via Charles de Gaulle, stopping at Nairobi on the way to Dar es Salaam. We are booked into the Safari Inn in the centre of Dar and should arrive there shortly after midnight. In Dar we will meet up with Paulina and Ngoza and their baby girls and spend one or two days there before all getting the bus south, leaving at  a bleary eyed 6.00 am for Songea and arriving there around 8.00 in the evening. We shall be met at the bus station by Ntimba and be driven to Peramiho where Conrada will have a delicious meal and a warm welcome waiting for us.

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