May 2022
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Early Days

The sponsored children have had their first taste of school. When they arrived many of the children were wearing rags so while we are waiting for their uniforms to be made, we shall buy them some clothes. A number of the children have had to be treated for an itchy skin rash, which may be a sign that they have been sleeping on the ground at home or have been bitten by the black fly which lives in fast flowing rivers. Now that they are sleeping in the beds donated by Tayside Recyclers and with the help of a special ointment we hope the rash will disappear soon.  The reality is that there are many easily cured skin conditions prevalent in rural Tanzania. We have  sent  funds over to cover some of these initial medical costs and it is  Baraka’s intention to look into the costs associated with buying medical insurance for the children.

As usual in Tanzania when officialdom is involved, things move very slowly and it has taken many months to finalise the registration process and to set up a bank account for the school. In the short term Baraka has opened an account in his name so that the school fees are kept in a separate account from the school development funds. These issues were all discussed at the Ruda UK AGM held in April where we also discussed the need to raise funds to cover the cost of making and firing new bricks for the next phase of building. A realistic time scale for the  two dormitories we need to build is probably to plan to have them completed in time for the next intake of pupils in January 2012.

We are dependent on coal to fire the bricks so as soon as the rainy season ends we need to get a lorry load of coal brought to the site. By the time Alice and Louise visit in June we hope the necessary bricks will be made and that the next phase of  building work will be started. We cannot afford to wait for the Art Auction in October if the dormitories are to be ready for early 2012. We need to arrange another event that can hopefully raise a few thousand pounds. We discussed the possibility of printing some T-shirts and mugs for the Drymen Fair but it is probably too late to get that organised. 

After working as our treasurer for five years Gill Thomson has decided to concentrate on her other charity work, so we are looking for a new treasurer. Gill has been a meticulous treasurer and has worked hard for us on fundraisers too, so we will all miss her great energy and efficiency. Gill has agreed to carry on in the role until we have identified someone to take over as treasurer. While we are still together as a team, we took a photograph of us together in Ralph and Noreen’s garden at their new house in Cockenzie.

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