May 2022
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First Graduation Ceremony at NMSE


This was a special year for the NMSE school, marked by the first cohort of students completing their Primary School Education. There was a great deal of creative planning put in ahead of the Graduation Ceremony, which benefitted from enthusiastic teamwork by the management, teachers and workers.

Covered seating areas were constructed from bamboo poles stretched with blue tarpaulin – to shield guests from the sun. The route to these seated areas was through archways decorated with banana leaves and Bougainvillea.

The families of standard 7 students were all invited to attend along with representatives from Ruvuma Development Aid, HOJA and COCO and previous members of teaching staff. The event itself was colourful and exciting, with fabulous student participation and mercifully short speeches.


There were amazing young acrobats from HOJA, comics with painted faces and big cushion-filled bellies, actors, traditional dancers and drummers and a slightly scary masked man teetering along on very tall stilts – all creating a carnival atmosphere. Children from every class in the school from nursery upwards took part; they were singing, dancing or giving science talks to demonstrate the function of a microscope or the structure of a flower.  The teachers and workers joined in the celebration participating in a traditional dance routine with the students.


All the staff, both teachers and workers, were dressed in outfits of the same bright yellow material but each made up in very individual styles. The graduating students were presented with smart enamel badges of the school logo and printed certificates to mark their completion of Primary School.


After the performances were over the teachers and workers had prepared a delicious feast of chicken, goat, rice and water melon for all the visitors to round off a very joyful day which will be remembered for a long time.

There are many more photos and videos posted on our Facebook page

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