May 2022
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Anne’s Memorial Garden

During the first week at Namanditi Louise walked around the school with Ntimba looking for the best place to make a garden for Anne. They chose a quiet area beyond the vegetable garden with three mature shade-giving trees. Ntimba said he often sat under the trees when he needed time to think and it has lovely views of the hills. It is quite a large area but the plan is to develop it gradually and to begin the planting nearer to the rainy season which starts in November.


The first stage was to establish the hard landscaping; laying the paths and building the round house as well as creating circular seating patio areas around two of the mature trees. A hedge of Moringa will be planted around the perimeter but kept low so visitors can still enjoy the view of the hills. Although it is near the school it is a remarkably quiet and peaceful spot. The attached photos give some idea of the layout but the round house had still to get its grass roof trimmed.


A large, strong metal arch has been built and positioned at the entrance to the garden.  Once the fence is in place, the garden will be reached by walking first through the vegetable garden and then through the archway into Anne’s Garden. The existing garden areas around the school have never looked better and we are confident that the gardener, Ibrahimu, will make a good job of the planting out of flowers, medicinal plants, shrubs and trees. The planting will be undertaken by the children, later this year, supervised by the school gardener, Ibrahim.  Some of the standard six boys enjoying the new benches. The funds for the garden were donated by Scottish Potters for Anne who was a keen gardener as well as a sponsor and supporter of Ntimbanjayo School.


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