June 2020
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June: School Holiday

The sponsored children have a school holiday for the month of June and have been taken back to their villages. They will be collected again on Friday 1st of July ready to start the second term. Alice and Louise will both be at the school and plan to spend time getting to know each one of the children, […]

Early Days

The sponsored children have had their first taste of school. When they arrived many of the children were wearing rags so while we are waiting for their uniforms to be made, we shall buy them some clothes. A number of the children have had to be treated for an itchy skin rash, which may be a sign that they […]

First Day at School March 2011

The Ntimbanjayo Memorial School of Excellence is now open for the sponsored children. Most of the children arrived on Friday and the rest will be collected from their villages over the weekend. Initially Malaika Millinga Ndakidemi will be the main teacher in the classroom. The sponsored children must be very excited at seeing the school for the […]

The Eagle Has Landed – January 2011

The container we sent off four months ago has finally arrived at the school site. After several false starts  and two extra weeks waiting on the quay at Dar es Salaam the container was passed through customs and made its way by road to Namanditi. There were taxes due largely because of the delay in setting up the NGO […]

The Vessel has sailed

After a somewhat prolonged delay at the quayside waiting for the toxic gas used fumigate the contents  of the container to disperse,  the vessel with our container on board is now on the high seas. We have had to pay an extra charge to cover the costs of the extra time sitting on the quay but at least it is […]

The Eagle has Flown: Friday 10th September

Yesterday was a big day for us and for the school project.  The container was due to arrive at 9.00 pm on Friday and the team of packers were allocated three hours to get everything we had collected over the last year or so from a range of group and individual donors aboard. Recently Louise had tried to visualise how much […]

Back home

  We are all back home now after out recent trip to Tanzania. Gillian and Wendy returned first as they were going to a friend’s wedding back in Scotland.  Gillian in particular worked very hard while she was in Peramiho and has given the team a lot of accountancy and business advice. While they were in Peramiho they […]

Update on the Container

Over the last three weeks Alice, Gill and I have been meeting at the farm where the donated school furniture and books etc. have been stored . Our first task was to clean the 120 chairs and tables which had been collecting dust . To do this we had to bring them all down from the […]

School Update 26th June 2009

This is the main classroom with its Magima tiles The roof of first classroom block has now been tiled and the floors have been concreted, internal walls plastered and the doors hung. The administration block in the distance suffered some damage during the rainy seasons and it will need to be repaired and then roofed with […]

Update on the Namanditi School

During this year’s dry season the first two classroom block has been roofed with clay pantiles from the Magima village ceramics factory. A second classroom building has its brickwork completed and  the roof timbers in place. An administration building and maize mill house also have the brickwork completed and the toilet block foundations have been […]